2023 Goals & Objectives

2023 AIMS

  1. Achieve 8s for my test riding
  2. Master the Medium trot and improve the medium canter
  3. Improve the return to medium walk from free walk
  4. Improve the sitting trot
  5. Improve quality of the lateral work to increase suppleness and self carriage
  6. Master ring-craft and arena accuracy – improve test scores by 0.5 marks
  7. Qualify for BD Regionals at Prelim Silver [ACHIEVED JUNE 23]
  8. Qualify PetPlan Area Festivals at Novice Bronze [ACHIEVED JUNE 23]
  9. Qualify for Trailblazers at Novice [ACHIEVED MAY 23]
  10. Improve ‘know the test’ so I can feel confident to ride each movement well in the arena – rather than only thinking about the test pattern


  1. Compete at BD Medium