Dressage Lesson with Patrik Eibner @ Ranch Galanta

05 May 2016

Dressage Lesson with Patrik Eibner @ Ranch Galanta

Patrik Eibner events at 3* level and is part of the Slovakia National Event Team.

I was introduced to Patrik by both Viktor Stromček and by Branislav Šablatúra at Ranch Galanta.

Patrik did not see me ride Finn at the start of the lesson – he just jumped on and wanted to get a feel for himself.  He noted that she needed to be more flexible in the jaw and that she felt stiff in the neck – he explained that only when she was relaxed and supple in the neck and jaw, would she be able to release behind the saddle and properly engage from behind (exactly Claire McCormick’s philosophy – so a good start)!  He asked Finn to stand and had her stretching her head round to his leg and to holding it for a few seconds on either side.  He then rode her in a very ‘active’ way, getting her to be more elastic and responsive.

I need to think of my posture being like a dancer, with a very stable upper body (meaning strong core) but more movement in my hips “up here ballroom,  down there disco hips”.  As I’m riding I must think “I am the King”.

I must also make sure that my commands are very clear; Finn must know exactly what I expect and then keep my hands stable when she is soft and in front of the leg.