Assessing my riding and partnership with Nash

For my initial assessments I created two Radar Graphs: one for base or core KSA and one for lateral work which I’ve added in here. I changed some of the elements from the documents Jane sent to me, to suit where the partnership is at the moment e.g. I added in turn on the forehand and turn on the haunches as this is missing from Nash’s vocabulary, so I need to go back a step or two to get that established properly for us to go forward with better baseline skill and understanding. I’m going to discuss with Jane at our next session so see if we’re aligned – that should be interesting!

I have grouped synergistic elements and completed a current state and end of year (2023) target – not sure if I’ve been ambitious enough – so will test that with Jane too!

I found this a really useful exercise to get me thinking about where I really am with my riding and Nash’s training.