Unaffiliated ODE @ Aston-le-Walls

Dressage Test: BE95 (2012) Judge: P A Jones Dressage Mark: 33.0
SJ Jumping Penalties: 0 SJ Time Penalties: 0
XC Jumping Penalties: 0 XC Time Penalties: 0 XC Time: 3:40
XC Distance: 1730m XC Optimum Time: 3:51 Placing: 4th

First event of the season and a great start; finishing on my dressage score (something I found quite elusive last season) and coming 4th ♥

I was alone today so it was good that Finn was really compliant and relaxed to do from the ground.  She warmed up nicely for dressage on the grass, but really resisted every time I tried to halt, she just ran through the hand each time…..  She carried this through to the test.  The footing in the arena was not great wet, slippy and even boggy in a couple of places, however, this was no excuse for the error of course – I went wrong and the judge got out of the car to advise me.  I started again from the point I messed up (3rd movement) and the test flowed nicely from there achieving mostly 7’s and 8’s; dropping to a 4 for the final halt.  The judge was quite generous with her comment of “halt not truly established” as Finn just ran through my hand again!  Judge’s comments were: “Some really big powerful paces which created lack of balance at times”.

image (5)

image (2)The Show Jumping was great, a lovely balanced clear round – I was thrilled!

The Cross Country was really good too, Finn spooked at the last but one fence on the way out, there was no need – it was just a little house, and it was on the other side of the string!  She had a great round, feeling happy and taking me to the fences; until we got to the last but one fence (the one she spooked at on the way out).  She stopped about ten strides out – I smacked her – she didn’t step backwards – I made her gallop at it from 10 strides away whilst shouting at the fence judge “not stopping”.  Ha ha!  We completed clear and inside the time by 20 seconds.  It felt fantastic!!

image (7)image (9)I was so proud to collect my rosette and prize (£15 voucher from the sponsors Coltsfoot Equestrian).  A good day at the office, may there be many more!