Atherstone Hunt – Ashby Parva 28 December 2019

Great day out with the Atherstone Hunt. We hacked up to the meet at the pub in Ashby Parva, where the meet were starting to gather. With some lovely sausage rolls and port to get us on our way!

Nash was a gent at the meet, a little excited but soon settled down and stood nicely until we were ready to move off. We set off, we cantered all the way down Ashby Parva main street in sheer excitement, but again, he did settle fairly quickly!

Nash was such a good boy – we joined the jumping group, and we did a few hunt jumps and a little dyke with a stream running through the bottom. Not a great deal of jumping as it was quite wet underfoot. We had one tiny mishap which led to me ending up with a muddy backside!! Nash got a bit stuck on take off over a small hunt jump (it was more sticky than it looked) he managed to pull both front shoes off in the process and did a great cat leap over the fence. He pecked on landing and pitched me forward – clearly my safety seat needs a little work!! I nearly stayed on, but did fall in slow motion. Nash galloped off to the other horses and the quad-bike was dispatched to collect me. I climbed back on from the field gate and we caught up with the main field fairly quickly.

We went home shortly after (it was about 3pm – the youngsters were ready to go home, and Nash had no front shoes – so said goodnight and hacked back).

In the group photo, Nash is one from the back, in front of the grey horse, looking happy and relaxed!

A lovely post Christmas pipe opener! A good day which both Nash and I really enjoyed – when the ground dries up a bit, I’ll definitely be taking him hunting again!