BD, Newbold Verdon, P.19, 21 May 2022

Venue:Newbold Verdon Equestrian Centre
Discipline:Dressage – BD
Test/Section:P.19 / SilverJudgeS Gudge
Percentage:69.58%Place:1st, 1st

Lovely day! Worked in in the outdoor behind the house and made use of the poles dividing the arena between competitors and liveries, we were able to serpentine across them and helped to get Nash’s focus and made me think about the rhythm and lift.

The test was in the indoor and I had no caller today. I was really pleased with the test, gaining a 7.5 for the entry and another 7.5 for the final centre line. and a 7.5 for the rhythm score. I did feel him a little behind the leg in the transitions, so agree with the comments made by the judge today.

Judge’s comments were:

“Elegant horse and some pleasing work shown, just lacked a little fluency in trans, which spoilt the overall picture.”