BD Summer Regionals, Keysoe International, P17A, 2 August 2022

Venue:Keysoe International
Discipline:Dressage – BD Summer Regionals
Test:P.17AJudge – C
Judge – E
Judge – M
Claire Ballantyne (65.5%)
Lotte Olsen (69.65%)
Sue Staines (67.06%)

Our first BD Regional Final, chose Keysoe based on date and location really, but it did feel like a big event with the arena dressing and all three judges in their proper judge boxes.

I got side-tracked filling in forms in the office and wasted important getting ready and warm up time, which I’m annoyed about! Nash acted like a real pro though and was not at all fazed by big posh horses doing big posh movements all over the place. He was not at all concerned about the spooky arena set up either, and just got on with the job in hand.

I’m pleased with our 5th place, but bitter-sweet as the top 4 went through to the Nationals I’m also proud that we got to the Regionals and didn’t disgrace ourselves; we had x2 Area Festival tickets, but chose the Regionals to really test ourselves against a better calibre of competition (per Jo Swain’s guidance).

Chris came to support and took some fab pictures, which I found hard to pare down – so quite a big gallery in this post!

Judges Comments:

Judge at C: Claire Ballantyne (65.5%) “Just would have liked a more uphill balance and frame through the test – esp. in canter and all related transitions – just too heavy on shoulders at times”.

Judge at E: Lotte Olsen (69.65%) “Some consistent and well presented work – just be careful not to ride your 20m circles too big. At times could be a little more through to contact”.

Judge at M: Sue Staines (67.06%) “A lovely willing horse. More suppleness over the back and to the hand. (?Fet?).