BD, Vale View, p.15, 5 June 2022

Venue:Vale View Equestrian
Discipline:Dressage – BD
Test/Section:P.15 / SilverJudgeMaria Richardson

What an idiot! I really let Nash down today by learning the wrong test. Came in full of confidence knowing the test (or so I thought) inside out, and having worked on beautifully in the rain.

I entered A, rode a lovely straight centre line and turned right, and the dreaded bell rang! The judge approached me and I told her I’d learned Prelim 19, but had entered Prelim 15. I did not know the test at all and she allowed me to find a caller. I asked the steward on the gate and she was happy to call.

So I rode my entry again, and this ring turned left, then the caller read out the wrong move, so got the bell again…. It turned into a farce from there, with a mix of not being able to hear the caller (despite being indoors) and her reading incorrectly… Ending up in elimination….

Such a shame, as he felt great, scoring 7s and 8s for the movements we did get right. Never mind, need to put that behind me and make sure I NEVER do that again!!