BE100 Eventer’s Challenge @ Aston-le-Walls

SJ Jump Pens: 0 XC Jump Pens: 0 Total Penalties:




SJ Time Pens: 0 XC Time Pens: 0
XCT Optimum: x:xx XCT Actual: 3:49

Called Tissie this morning to see if we could get a late entry to the BE100 class in this weekend’s Eventer’s Challenge at Aston-le-Walls.  We got to Washbrook Farm at about 1.30; the PN class started at 2pm, Tissie just said to slot in as soon as we were ready.  We walked the XC element of the course – which spread over all 3 outdoor arenas covering lots of ground!  The BE100 course looked quite tough, with lots of twists and turns and a couple of the XC combinations off interesting lines and on curves.  I watched a few go – the course was causing problems, with very few clear rounds.  I decided my tactic was to go for the double clear and not to worry about the time – which paid off!  There were 11 SJ fences and 14 XC fences plus the joker fence.

Finn felt great – she was working in a lovely rhythm and was really trying hard.  I concentrated on my lines and keeping Finn in a good, balanced forward rhythm. I was so pleased with her, especially given that we’ve had so little practice over the last couple of weeks.  She’s such a good girl……..

We went to the office to see how we got on and Tissie was pleased to tell us that we’d won the class (I was amazed, as there were a few pro’s in the class, including Jodie Amos).  We got a nice rosette, a £50 voucher to spend at ALW and some Readysupp products.  Very happy!

Chris was trying out his new photography equipment and was able to get photos of both the SJ and the XC.