BE100 Horse Trials – Ascott-Under-Wychwood

Dressage Test BE102 (2010) XC Jump Pens: 0 Total Penalties:


Judge: R Baldwin XC Time Pens: 8.4
Dressage Mark: 34.5 XC Distance: 2150
SJ Jump Pens: 0 XC Optimum: 4:32 Placing:


SJ Time Pens: 2 XC Time Actual: 4:53

We arrived on time and went to declare; we then went on to walk the Cross Country course.  I don’t know how it happened, but we ended up very late for the dressage, so much so that I got to the warm up with no time at all to work in – the trot across the lorry park was the sum total of our warm up.  Resulting in a fairly tense test!  However, the 34.5 score was not as bad as it could have been. I met Chris on the walk back to the truck  – he was just walking over to watch us warm up and ride the test – he was very surprised to hear it was all over!  The Judge’s comments were: “Bold rhythmical paces. Now needing to develop the balance and suppleness for fluency”.


The SJ was my main focus today.  The last time we were here Finn had her fall in the SJ – so I was feeling rather nervous, especially given we were now competing at BE100…..  Finn was absolutely awesome – forward. flowing and confident – jumping a beautiful clear round.  So happy with her – I took my time on the turns so ended up with 2 time penalties (meaning we were 2 seconds over the allowed time).  But I really didn’t care about that at all, I was so happy!

Onto the XC…….. Finn was really taking me to the fences and felt super.  she had a little sticky moment with the skinny ‘badger’ after the step up and was not very forward onto the water, but I asked and she went – good brave girl.  I really enjoyed the XC today, but clearly didn’t push hard enough as we had 8.4 time pens.  That wasn’t the point of today though – we have buried our demons in the SJ here – so job done!



  1. DSA Prospect House
  2. Sandy’s Pheasant Feeder
  3. Webb’s Rail in Hedge
  4. Hickman’s Wall
  5. Moore Allen’s Stick Pile
  6. a) Gerald’s Wall; b) Skinny
  7. Jacob’s Chicken House
  8. Badger’s Brush Wall
  9. Finder’s Keepers Castle
  10. a) NFU Mutual Split Log; b) NFU Mutual Ditch; c) NFU Mutual Split Log
  11. Western Arable Services Hammock
  12. a) Subaru Step Up; b) Subaru Step Up; c) Subaru Badger
  13. Cotswold Farm Machinery Vegetable Rack
  14. a) Savills Fish; b)Savills Water; c) Savills Boat
  15. Smith’s Wall
  16. British Eventing Corner
  17. The Swan Inn Log
  18. DSA Prospect House