Ascott Under Whycwood BE90 Horse Trials

Dressage Test: BE95 (2012) Judge: Dressage Mark: 35.5
SJ Jumping Penalties: E (HF) SJ Time Penalties: E (HF)
XC Jumping Penalties: N/A XC Time Penalties: N/A XC Time: N/A
XC Distance: 2119m XC Optimum Time: 4:42 Placing: N/A

The photos say it all really……..  However, some commentary is probably necessary.  The dressage work in was good, then as we were about to enter for our test something caught Finn’s eye and she tensed and stiffened, no mistakes but generally tight and not working over her back.  We didn’t stay for the score sheet and I didn’t note who the judge was – so no comments to add.

The XC walked really well – some proper questions, but I was looking forward to riding it, there was a lovely big ‘castle’ fence,  a coffin and quirky water which was catching a few out – we were on late in the (dressage at 3ish, so we were able to watch a few juIMG_0262mp as we walked the course.

After the dressage Chris wasn’t feeling well, and we nearly went home, but he soldiered on and I went down for the SJ early.  The going was pretty heavy in the warm up and they had moved a few fences in the main ring to avoid the really cut up areas.  Finn had big square studs in but she slipped behind to the third fence, her back end just completely went and the rest is history as they say.  I got up before Finn did, and was really worried that she was seriously hurt, but it seemed that she had just winded herself.  She got up, I trotted her up, she wasn’t lame, but I knew she wasn’t right.  Chris came sprinting over (dogs in tow) and tried to help.  I asked for the vet to come take a look at her, the vet said she was happy and that Finn was fit to travel, so we got her onto the trailer and started the long drive home.

Finn was stiff and sore when we got home, I turned her out and on the Sunday she had the Activio med rug on to see if it would help.   I really wanted to get jumping again as soon as possible to help us both forget the whole incident and for it not to knock our confidence.  But that was not to be!

P.S.  Two visits from Tomma Spilman (the chiropractor) and 5 weeks off – including a spa week (swimming) at Town Crier Cottage and she’s sound again – but a very worrying time, to say the least!

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