Claire McCormick Boot Camp @ CMC Equines – Day 2

Had a late lesson today to tie in with Patrick Keane (Patrick Saddlery) coming to check Finn’s dressage saddle, he came at 6pm and it was still really hot, so I was pleased to be riding later in the day.  He checked the fit and agreed that it had dropped in front -so he did a bit of a re-flock and it did feel much better; but not sure if that was a combination of Finn feeling more free due to yesterday’s lesson and swim.  Anyway – it sat level on her back and I felt more able to sit up….. Happy days!

For the session today we did schooling rather than test run through.  We worked on half halts – using the outside rein, esp on centre line and on diagonal inclines where Finn can run on a little.

I must encourage self carriage, but be aware of being too generous and losing her again. Test and make corrections only as necessary.
We had a moment where Finn’s trot felt amazing, like something just gave under the saddle – Claire said that Finn was really working over her back and under the saddle, lifting herself (she joked that the newly flocked saddle didn’t fit now she was working correctly).

A great session, and nice to be riding later in the day to miss the heat a little.

I gave Finn a nice warm wash off and put her to bed, she had swam four lengths earlier in the day so was pleased to be settled back in her stable.  Drove home very happy this evening.