British Dressage National Championships; Somerford Park; 15-19 September 2022

Date:15 September 2022AffiliationBD NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS
Venue:Somerford ParkSection:Silver
Test:P.17AOverall Score:66.667%
Judge (C)S CumineScore:66.207%
Judge (E)Chrissie HavisScore:66.897%
Judge (M)Claire SeniorScore:66.897%

Judge’s comments – S Cumine (C):

“Willing horse, needs more suppleness to develop lateral flexion and straightness and more accuracy needed to keep marks.”

Judge’s comments – Chrissie Havis (E):

“An obedient test – willing horse.  Needing to be a little more consistently over the back and up to the rein/bridle.  Keep developing more balance, supported by the hind legs.”

Judge’s comments – Claire Senior (M):

“A forward thinking test.  Sometimes losing supple connection affecting balance and fluency especially in downwards transitions, but a positively ridden test.”