British Dressage @ Netley Hall Estate

Venue: Netley Hall Estate
Discipline: Dressage (BD)
Test: Prelim 7 Judge L Vernon
Percentage: 62.5% Place: 1st
Discipline: Dressage
Test: Prelim 13 Judge: L Vernon
Percentage: 62.5% Place: 2nd (Q 13/14 Winter Champs)
Our first foray into the world of British Dressage!  I went on my own today so completely independent – I’ll need to get used to it.  We arrived in plenty of time and Finn stood quietly whilst I got ready, it all felt very relaxed.  I took her over to the warm up area and she worked in well but was rather behind the leg – I wish I’d had my stick really just to sharpen her up; next time…. It was a small class with only about 6 or 7 entries so working in wasn’t too hectic.
Prelim 7
She was obedient and correct – but the judge was quite mean with the marking – 62.5 for a win is rather low; still, it’s all relative and all competitors were all marked equally.  the judge’s comments were:
“lovely horse with 3 correct paces who needs to step under and in front of you and through to the bridle.  Tending to lean over shoulders and onto forehand, so not genuinely connected and through, affecting accuracy and your ability to follow the bend of the circle.  Pleasing fluency and you have a very correct position which will help”.  
Prelim 13
I felt more connected working in for this test and Finn felt altogether better: more balanced and straighter.  I did a lot more transitions and got her moving in front of me.  Judge’s comments were:
Super little horse who needs to be a little more forwards and in front of you.  Tending to lose balance and 1/4’s on left rein in particular.  Needing more preparation and support from hind leg to help this issue.  Perhaps a little tired now”.
Overall a successful day – Finn was calm and obedient and no silly spooking at flower pots and boards.  We managed completely on our own and had a lovely morning – it was a bonus to come home with 1st and 2nd rosettes.