British Dressage; Onley Grounds EC; 20 July 2023


Date: 20 July 2023 Affiliation: UA
Venue: Onley Grounds EC Section: Trailblazers
Test: P.17a Score: 69.13%
Judge Graham Noakes Placing:


£25 prize money

Judge’s commentsGraham Noakes (C):

Pity about the spook as most of the trot consistent and pleasing. Could have a little more freedom through the shoulder. Quietly ridden test, much to like.”

A warm up for the BD Regional Championships next Tuesday, trying to get my confidence back after the ‘disaster round’ at MDRC…..  All went very well, quiet evening and a nice warm up (including practicing our suppling exercises, shoulder in, half pass, travers etc.).  Nash was going very well in his test, until the change of rein in canter with a trot transition after X – where (outside) in the corner of the arena we were riding to, they started pressure washing vehicles – which caused him to react and spook quite badly…  The great thing is that I was able to get back under control very quickly and continue with the test. Another positive (as you can see from the pic) is that he IS ACTUALLY able to sit on his hocks – lol

Not sure how he managed such a convincing win with a 4 for this movement!  But he did get an 8 for his entry and centre line and a couple of 7.5s (including for the free walk) – so that helped!  I also got a 7.5 for my position – which I’m very pleased about.

All in all a good warm up for the BD Regionals – let’s hope there are no pressure washers at Bury Farm….  We even won £25 prize money, well done Nash!