British Dressage; PETPLAN AREA FESTIVAL; Novice 23; Vale View Equestrian; 27 January 2023

Date:27 January 2023AffiliationBD PETPLAN AREA FESTIVAL
Venue:Vale View EquestrianSection:Bronze
Test:Novice 23Overall Score:62.99%
Judge (C)Sandra SmithScore:63.33%
Judge (B)S MarshallScore:63.54%
Judge (H)Jane EllisScore:62.08%

Judge’s comments – Sandra Smith (C):

“A horse with ability. A pity about the loss of suppleness/acceptance to the contact in canter, now needs more suppleness over the back into a softer frame.”

Judge’s comments – S Marshall (B):

“Rhythmic paces – not always quite freely forwards in trot and canter.  ONLIE BACK RELATIES steps should connect more to the contact and greater suppleness develop.”

Judge’s comments – Jane Ellis (H):

“Correct, regular paces but started rather tight and tense today, effecting the flow of the test.”