British Dressage PETPLAN AREA FESTIVAL; Solihull Riding Club; 10 February 2023

Date:10 February 2023AffiliationBD PETPLAN AREA FESTIVAL
Venue:Solihull Riding ClubSection:Bronze
Test:Novice 23Overall Score:62.43%
Judge (C)Donn CollinsScore:64.37%
Judge (B)T KazmiScore:61.67%
Judge (H)Suzie Douglas-OsbornScore:61.25%

Judge’s comments – Donn Collins (C):

“Promising canter but trot needs more elasticity and freedom with rounder frame.”

Judge’s comments – T Kazmi (B):

“A test of two halves.  A capable horse but losing some straightness at times and not always accepting of your aids.  Well done”

Judge’s comments – Suzie Douglas-Osborn (H):

“Regular paces.   Some promising work.   Pity some mistakes in the canter work.”