British Dressage REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS; Onley Grounds EC; 4 February 2023

Date:4 February 2023AffiliationBD REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS
Venue:Onley Grounds ECSection:Silver
Test:P 17AOverall Score:63.62%
Judge (C)Joyce WoodScore:62.07%
Judge (B)Lise RobertsScore:64.65%
Judge (H)Keri BatesScore:64.14%

Judge’s comments – Joyce Wood (C):

“Lovely paces but looked a little tight over the back which blocks the engagement through to a steady supple contact.  Well done.”

Judge’s comments – Lise Roberts (B):

“Some pleasing work at the start but then becoming tight and stiff through the neck, affecting contact and fluency.”

Judge’s comments – Keri Bates (H):

“Looked a little tense today.  Tending to lose the balance and bend and fall onto the shoulder today, affecting the fluency.”