Broadway BE100 Horse Trials – 18 Oct 2015

Dressage Test BE102 (2010) XC Jump Pens: 20 Total Penalties:


XC Time Pens: 14.4
Dressage Score: 33.3
SJ Jump Pens: 0 Placing:


SJ Time Pens: 0
33.3 dressage – Buck into 2nd canter.
Clear SJ. Balanced, careful. Huge leap over spread but stayed in balance to make a super jump over 2nd part of related distance. Super round on a SJ course causing problems.  Was very pleased with our efforts!

Very challenging XC course with 3 trakehners; a Ditch palisade; a drop into the water; it was also very steep and hilly (Broadway is though)!!

Annoyingly I got lost XC – heading for Novice fends 5 then juggled 20 m to the left to take the 100 fence. Was then confused between 5 and 6. So lost time here!  Then run out at skinny following step up onto the bank, drop down. Missed the skinny. I didn’t ride well enough and she ducked out to the left. I did the Bill Levett correction and she popped it second time of asking.

As we’d only jumped into water for the first time last weekend, I decided to go the long route and avoid the jump into the water. I didn’t want to scare her.
Disappointed that I did not get the navigation right, or ride well enough XC, and so let Finn down!