Claire McCormick Boot Camp @ CMC Equines – Day 3

Wow, Finn was amazing today – ON FIRE!! (…… and not just because I rode at 1pm and the heat was pretty fierce…..)

I worked her in and we just clicked today, she felt free and expressive. We did plenty of surpentines and changes of rein, gives and re-takes of the rein and transitions to test the connection. I was able to carry my hands correctly and not as low as I have been.  It all felt absolutely awesome.

We ran through the three Championship tests in reverse order so that the first was freshest in my mind. P12 and P13 were great – with a couple of 9’s according to Claire. P4 was a little wayward. In P4 there’s not a lot going on, so keeping Finn’s attention is a challenge, she’s better with a ‘busier’ test.

I was really pleased with our work today.  Finn had her final swim and I loaded up all our belongings to go home  we’ve had a great week of  training and I’m feeling much better prepared for Trailblazers next week.

Claire lent me the blingy browband for Trailblazers, she’d got for her stallion and he hasn’t actually even worn it yet………  Let’s hope it brings us luck!

Just a little outing at Onley Grounds on Saturday to check we’re ‘match-fit’.  Bring it on!