Dressage Lesson with Claire McCormick @ CMC Equines

After the erratic dressage at Aston-le-Walls, where Finn felt rather out of control, I wanted to get back to Claire -I feel like I’ve lost Finn a little bit in her dressage.  Perhaps I’ve been doing too much competing and not enough lessons?!

Claire said we need to go ‘Back to Basics’ every now and again to remind Finn of the imperatives, like being relaxed in her jaw again……  Finn was feeling a little prickly today and was bouncing about, Claire said that there’s definitely piaffe/passage in her!!!

Releasing the jaw – I must be strict about this, I have been a little too generous with her and allowed her too much – which has resulted in her stiffen up on me, slowly but surely.  I thought that I was encouraging self carriage – but I need to get her relaxed and soft before I can achieve this, a good training note.

Claire advised me to miniaturise everything to start with – in the walk, trot and the canter…..   She also advised that I spend 10 mins doing this in walk when warming up for my test at Keysoe tomorrow.  Once she is soft and listening, then push for a bolder pace.

We did some work in leg yield – using outside rein to work straight again, Claire was pleased with our progress here and noticed a marked improvement in how Finn is using herself and becoming more even on the left and right reins.  We also did some counter-canter loops – I must not allow Finn to take off with me when returning to true canter, and prepare for this better.

Test run-through – Main point is that I need to give myself more room on the diagonal changes of rein – including the free walk.  Walk work was better and Finn has started to wait for me to collect her without getting overly tense – still needs work but we are improving.