Dressage Lesson with Claire McCormick @ CMC Equines

I think Finn has had two sets of shoes since I last had a lesson with Claire!  I keep missing her as Finn’s shoeing has clashed with holidays, trips to the hospital and vaulting practice.  Must try harder to get my dates sorted!

Finn was a little ‘wired’ today, bouncing around all over the place – she even squealed when I felt her girth after a little warm up – crazy hoss!  Maybe she thought she was going hunting……

Once Finn had settled, Claire said that she was looking more supple, that her neck was softer and showing better muscle development.  I think lunging with the EquiAmi has really helped – I can feel her lifting her shoulders and she is altogether much more balanced and free.

We worked on having her waiting for me, listening and working into the outside rein – especially during changes of rein.  I tend to allow her to just scoot onto the new rein, she loses balance and then rushes – I must be much more mindful and ask for a proper half-halt if she tries to bowl on.  The half halts are coming on – but I still need to do more of them, and make sure I get a response.

We did some work in counter flexion – this was especially useful before riding the leg-yield  because it helped me to get her in the outside rein, preventing her running through the outside shoulder.  We did a lot of 10m loops – Claire now says that she’s so much more balanced that I don’t need to change diagonal during the loop.

I’ve booked in for next Saturday as on Sunday we have our Trailblazers 2015 1st Round Qualifier – want to give ourselves every chance of qualifying as there aren’t many chances….