Dressage Lesson with Claire McCormick @ CMC Equines

Scales of Training – Suppleness and Submission


Scales of Training

After Finn was shod today we had a dressage lesson with Claire.  Having been working on maintain an even and natural rhythm (lunging has really helped this), we move on to Suppleness and Submission, using increasing and decreasing circles and leg yielding. Getting the hind leg engaged and pushing forward.

Finn is very clever and will anticipate the next move, for example, changing bend when changing the rein across the diagonal before I ask her.  We spent a long time on the left incline moving from the left rein to the right rein. If Finn stiffened or reacted in any way before I asked for the change of direction I was to turn her away left – no mater how far along the diagonal line we had travelled.  This was a great exercise and I soon got the feel for her even slightly altering her way of going or anticipating a change of direction – this kept her on my aids – rather than reading the exercise and making up her own mind!  It meant that she was waiting for the aids – not anticipating the next move.

Claire commented that Finn has really strengthened up across her loins/behind the saddle and was definitely developing in her top line.  Pleasing to see the results of our hard work.