Dressage Lesson with Claire McCormick @ CMC Equines (ELS #3)

Preparing for Novice Dressage

Today we worked on:

  • Medium Trot
  • Free Walk on a Long Rein
  • Re-taking the rein after FWLR

We had a good work in today with Finn being very cooperative.  The canter left was rather ragged so we worked her on a circle and really got her to come through from behind so she could release over her back and lift the shoulders/lighten in the hand.  Claire commented that the Albion saddle was definitely helping my position – but I still have to work on really sitting on the engine……

So, onto preparing for Medium Trot.  We did some more collected trot work and some lateral work – with focus on the shoulder-in to ensure I had her alive in front of me and really working behind.  This helped me to get her between the leg and hand and really feeling what was under me.

To start with, the Medium Trot was rather rushed and on the forehand – but Claire was not worried about this.  We kept coming back to the more collected and lateral work to regain our composure; then tried again.  We did manage to get some really good steps – but I must guard against getting too greedy at this stage…..

Onto the Free Walk.  Finn still tells the world that I’m taking up the rein bu throwing her head in the air – little minx!  We had some really excellent free-walk today – she was really moving; I could feel her stretching forward and taking huge strides in the walk – moving under the saddle – it felt so free!  Claire said that this was what I should be aiming for in every free-walk I ride.  It did feel incredible.  Still some work to do on collecting her back up to medium walk – but I will practice hard on this.  Some really good work today!