Dressage Lesson with Claire McCormick @ CMC Equines (ELS #2)

Disturbing The Flow

Today I rode Finn in Echo’s bit – a fulmer/full cheek snaffle with a ported lozenge, Finn seemed to get on with it well, So I’ve asked Claire to order one for her.

Finn worked really well today – we achieved in 10 minutes what took 40 minutes to get to last week; her left trot better and felt much softer and more balanced.

We did have a few issues in left canter tough – Claire was very insistent that I need to work through these and do not submit, I must ensure that Finn gives first….

Once we had worked through the canter problems we went onto “Disturbing the flow”, which is a great lesson for me as I tend to get to ‘nice’ and then just ride about looking pretty and not really pushing for more – I must not get greedy, but I do need to test and stretch Finn to the next stage.  We worked on some Novice dressage movements: loops, serpentines, demi volte, acute transitions etc. to make sure I don’t become a passenger!

Finn was working really well by the end of the lesson so will keep this going as my homework!