Dressage Lesson with Claire McCormick @ CMC Equines – Session 4

This is the last of my lessons paid for by the  JLR Employee Learning Scheme.

There were a few other horses in the indoor school when we got there, including a cremello stallion – who Finn was quite interested in!

Claire noted that the canter had improved dramatically – as a consequence of better balance and the counter canter we have been working on.  We did more counter canter today and need to work still more on this at home.  We also worked on increasing and decreasing circles, maintaining rhythm and connection in both true and counter flexion.  When in counter flexion I must ride the shoulders into the middle of the circle.

So, good work, but now Finn needs to be more in self carriage.  We worked on 3 and 4 loop serpentines to get the changes of bend fluid and I must not ‘prop’ Finn up so much now.  I had a few moments of really great feel today – things are starting to come together!

We did a few phases in medium trot, which felt balanced and not just like Finn was tanking off with me!!!

In the free walk I’m still struggling with the transition back to medium walk; we did some exercises to help this – always picking up the outside rein first as it controls the pace, this will prevent the jogging.  This is a good exercise to do on a hack where Finn is more relaxed.

Test movements……

Homework – more of the same but now be more precise with my transitions and movements – AT THE MARKER.  More serpentines and changes of direction/bend.

There were a few people watching today, which was interesting, I think it did me some good and maybe made me ride a little better!?!?  However. I must deal with issues at home – it’s ok to cover up at a competition – but NEVER cover up at home.