Dressage lesson with Harry Payne @ Watt Meadow

Forgot my riding boots today so had my lesson in my Dubarry’s – numty!

Harry was pleased with our progress and commented that straightness was not an issue.  Really happy about this – although she did still feel heavier on the right rein.  Harry encouraged more transitions to help get her off the inside rein to the right. I’m “propping her up” too much so I need to stop her relying on using my right hand as a fifth leg!!

Make sure that I use my right leg into my left hand.  I need to get a better reaction to my aids both up and down in all paces.  Especially trot-walk and canter-trot, make the aid and expect a reaction (but be sure to give), if it doesn’t work then a more direct aid is needed.

Harry_WattMeadowOn the right rein half halt left – took me a while to understand this, but once I got it, the reaction was brilliant.  Finn was able to relax into the outside (left) rein, rather than hang on the right hand.  If she persists in being resistant in the downward transitions Harry told me to get a bit tougher with the aid.

Did a lot of canter work today, same principles as in the trot.  We did some more acute transitions: canter-walk; walk-canter. More work required here…. Especially canter-walk.

Counter canter loops were good today.  We did some work on stretching and staying connected and rounder. In trot, especially on the right rein, don’t let her get too quick and lean down into the rein – stay connected in the contact and make a decent half halt – expect a reaction.  A good lesson.

Homework is to continue with the work on straightness, getting a more positive and immediate reaction to my aids and lightening off the right rein by riding lots of transitions.  And sitting more upright in the trot!

Debbie Tandy gave me my dressage to music after my lesson today.  Really powerful trot music: Rihanna – only girl in the world orchestral version.  Should be good, looking forward to getting the floor plan!!