Dressage Lesson with Harry Payne @ Watt Meadow

In a bid to consolidate the learning from Saturday more effectively, I thought it wise to book with Harry again as he’s in he area.  Booked via Debbie Tandy (who did Finn’s ‘beats’ for her dressage to music during the lesson).  He comes to Watt Meadow once a month, so I can work with him there until we finally move house.

Harry was pleased with how we had taken his instruction on board and commented that Finn looked much straighter, more balanced and relaxed.  We worked on similar themes to the lesson on Saturday – but did a bit more with pushing the paces forward and then bouncing back (Jonquil’s term – not Harry’s)…..  I was pleased with how Finn responded and was able to carry my hands better – so the whole feel was much lighter, again giving and re-taking the rein periodically to check Finn is correctly balanced and in self carriage.  Need to work on her responsiveness to the leg aids though, as she is still a little sluggish to react at times.

We worked on the free walk on a long rein – Harry said that I should not be afraid to give her a kick in the walk as she does tend to laziness; this can be practiced at home so that she understands better when at a competition.  We did some work on picking her up after the free walk as she tightens and resists.  Pick up the inside rein first and move her a little sideways to give her something else to think about – this did work but I need to practice more and be more confident picking the contact back up and riding the walk forward.

Harry was pleased with the lateral work – shoulder-in and leg-yield – I should continue with this both in trot and canter at home.

I rode Finn in a plain cavesson noseband today and she felt really good – not so resistant, Harry’s advice has worked here and I feel much better not being told I need to strap her in tighter; not sure why it wasn’t obvious to me that I actually needed to do the exact opposite!

A good session – Both Finn and I were pretty tired at the end of the 40 mins – it was very hot in the indoor school and we had worked hard!  Tired but very pleased.