Dressage Lesson with Nicky Lickley @ Kingswood EC

A quiet lesson today as Finn has had a fair bit of time off due to the snow – it’s been shocking weather for the past few weeks.

We concentrated on loosening over her back and transitions to keep her attentive and working through from behind.  I need to get her more in the outside rein – especially to the right.  Inside leg to outside hand…..  She needs to be much straighter and I need to be more disciplined about this.

Canter work: On a 20m circle at C using the 4 tangent points to make a diamond – turning a corner at each tangent point.  This will help to get her more underneath and to sit on her hocks more.  I must remember to turn my hips in the direction of the movement/turn without allowing my seat to slip to the outside – especially to the right.  Sit to the inside and lift up through my diaphragm and rib cage to stretch up from the hips.  Equal work in both directions – then move to the centre of the arena so the exercise is ridden without the support of the walls.

Work up to lateral work again gradually.