Llanymynech – BE90 One Day Event

Dressage Test: BE95 (2012) Judge: Sarah Gathercole Dressage Mark: 36.0
SJ Jumping Penalties: 4 SJ Time Penalties: 0
XC Jumping Penalties: 125 XC Time Penalties:35.2 XC Time:  —–
XC Distance: 2638m XC Optimum Time: 5m 52secs Placing: 19th

So, not our day today………

The dressage was OK, it felt better than a 36.0, but the judge saw some tension and perhaps I was riding a little defensively trying to protect her sore mouth.  Judge’s comments were: “Well done, a lot to like – some tension spoiling overall picture. Work on straightness and being up into the bridle”.  We are working on this so at least the judge pointed out something that I’m aware of and already trying to correct.

Llanymynech May 2013

We had a nice round Show Jumping, with an unlucky 4 faults at fence 7 – an upright; I think we got a bit close, but all in all the round felt good and comments from Jess, Hannah, Mary, Sue and Ian was that we looked in control, rhythmical and balanced – a really nice round.

I didn’t really feel connected as we were warming up for the XC – I felt a bit ‘on top’ rather than with her.  However, I also think that Finn was feeling her mouth as we had 3 stops XC –  the first being at fence 2 where I came off but landed on my feet.  I really must learn to sit up as I’m sure I wouldn’t have come off if I had been sitting up!  The jump was a straightforward box, nothing taxing, but there was a field of very yellow flowers behind, which she may have been looking at?  I took my air jacket off, mounted from the jump and carried on, clearing the fence at the second attempt.  We had two more stops, again at really innocuous fences.  We jumped all the questions and didn’t take any of the black flag options – roll top to ditch, big corner, wall, skinnies, water (x2)……..  I did complete, but in hindsight I perhaps should have retired?  Her mouth was sore: bruised and bleeding a little – this upset me as I should really have been more mindful of her welfare, but I wanted to get her round.  We finished on 200.2!!!

Cover Girl - Country Style PhotographyI’m going to get hold of a hackamore to ride her in for a couple of weeks to allow her mouth to completely heal before I ride her in a bit again.  I will also book myself a XC schooling session – perhaps with Jonquil Hemming or Nick Gauntlett??  I still have the free use vouchers for Eland Lodge so will try to use them.  She felt a bit ‘sticky’ at Solihull so want to get to the bottom of this as at Somerford and Eland Lodge she was just brilliant XC.

On a positive note, Finn has done it again as she is the ‘poster girl’ for Country Style Photography, they have used the photo of us coming out of the water at Llanymynech in September 2012 – where we had a fantastic XC round – oh the irony!