Eland Lodge – BE90 One Day Event

Dressage Test: BE92 (2009) Dressage Judge: Liz Mason Dressage Mark: 31.5
SJ Jumping Penalties: 0 SJ Time Penalties: 2
XC Jumping Penalties: 0 XC Time Penalties: 0 XC Time: 4min 59secs
XC Distance: 2300m XC Optimum Time: 5m 07secs Placing: 11th

Another fabulously sunny day.  We were on early with dressage at 08.20 (I must have a flag against my record which states that I’m not allowed a lie in)!  However, having walked the course yesterday at least we didn’t have to leave extra time for that.  We didn’t have much time to work in for dressage as we took an extra half an hour to get to Eland today – tried a new route – not a good idea.  Anyway, Finn was going well so it didn’t have too much impact.  It was a nice test – I briefly lost the canter and had to correct this so lost a few vital marks for movements 6 and 7 – but ended up with a fairly respectable 31.5.  Judge’s comments were: “Correct.  Mostly obedient and lots to like – some loss of straightness through quarters”.   It was encouraging that we got an 8 for the halt as have been working on this at home.  Finn always leaves her off hind out behind her in the halt and I have been told to sit deep and drive the right seat bone through to the halt.  This hasn’t been working for us, so I’ve turned it on it’s head and have been lifting the right seat bone into the halt instead – ta dah!!


The showjumping is on a surface at Eland Lodge.  It was a super round, calm and fluid – I was really pleased and didn’t mind the 2 time penalties as we were 2 seconds over the allowed time.  I was thinking about the lesson with Jonquil and ensuring Finn is soft, round, energetic and rhythmical – thinking about ‘bouncing back’ really helps me, and Finn now seems to be able to perform better.  You can see the concentration on both our faces in the photo.

ElandIt was so hot that even getting dressed for the XC was a trial…..

Although the sore on Finn’s leg has all but healed I didn’t want to risk her boot rubbing and irritating it, so I had bought a roll of some special padded bandage which I secured with vet wrap under her front boot.

I was happy with how Finn warmed up, forward but listening and taking me to the fences.  We went down to the start and she was ready to go and bouncing around in the start box.  It was a fantastic round – Finn was jumping out of a lovely rhythm and there was no arguing – she felt just fab.  She lept onto the bank at 5 and made a massive jump off it – I had to slip my reins but managed to get the knitting together to point her at number 6 which she flew.  About half way round the bandage I had put  under Finn’s boot started to unravel and I could see it flapping about – apparently the commentator was concerned about it and mentioned it a few times.  I knew that if Finn trod on it there was no risk as it would just break, so I just carried on and tried to ignore it.  We finished clear and in the time – I was thrilled.


We lost 3 studs today – two of which from the near fore – the stud hole in this shoe has expanded and the stud does not grip into the thread – will call Rob tomorrow and ask him to see to it before Malpas next weekend.

Finn was an absolute pleasure to deal with today – super co-operative and she really tried for me.  Let’s hope we can continue with this next week at Malpas.