Eland Lodge – BE90 One Day Event

Dressage Test: BE95 (2012) Dressage Judge: Rory Howard Dressage Mark: 31.5
SJ Jumping Penalties: 4 SJ Time Penalties: 0
XC Jumping Penalties: 0 XC Time Penalties: 0 XC Time: 5min 04secs
XC Distance: 2280m XC Optimum Time: 5m 04secs Placing: 7th

My first BE placing and Rosette.

Eland Lodge ODE 13/04/13A brilliant day – despite the early start!

I travelled to Eland Lodge on my own and got her studded up and dressed for dressage easily – she was so well behaved.  She warmed up really well and I was trying hard to apply all the pointers from last night’s lesson with Nicky.  I didn’t ride the test as well as I was hoping to: I could have been more effective but ended up with 31.5 which was in the top order.  Judge’s comments: “Much to like in these active paces. Tending to run forwards and lose balance in trot”.

Show Jumping was good – but we had one fence and therefore 4 faults.  Finn didn’t feel great in the practice arena – she was a bit lacklustre – she picked up in the arena but still had the one fence.  On a positive note – we pulled ourselves together and made sure it was only the one fence!

Eland Lodge & Mary King 009

A quick change and we were off Cross Country.  Finn felt absolutely fantastic!  She was taking me to the fences and she only had a look at a couple, notably the white boat into the water.  I growled at her – she made a massive jump over it and the fence judge shouted “well ridden”……….  It was a fab round – really enjoyed it.  It was toppped off as I was walking her back to the lorry park when it was announced over the PA that there was a new leader in Section C – Nicci Cook and Hillviewfarm Philandia – completing on the optimum time of 5m 04secs exactly.  I was thrilled and got a big hug from Lynsey who came racing across the lorry park to congratulate me.

We were placed 7th with 35.5, the winner finished on 32.  If not for the one pole down in the show jumping we would have won!  Anyway – got our first BE placing and a lovely red, white and blue rosette.  We were also awarded another 2 foundation points for being placed 7th.  I knew I would like Eland Lodge!