Eventer’s Challenge @ Aston-le-Walls (Pre-Novice / 100)

SJ Jumping Pens: 0 SJ Time Pens: 0
XC Jumping Pens: 36 XC Time Pens: 0
Course Distance: nk Optimum Time: 3m 15s
My Time: 3m 46s Total Penalties: 36 Placing: not placed

We arrived about an hour and a half ahead of my time today, the rain had stopped and it wasn’t nearly as cold as last weekend at the Combined Training.  The parking was better too – perhaps because we were on later in the afternoon and a lot of people had already left.

Chris and I walked the course – The SJ looked full up 100, with some related distances and some challenging lines, including a ‘hairpin’ turn and a dog-leg.  In the XC portion there were lots of twists and turns, and lots of skinnies.  Both ditches were included in the course, the first was jumping out of the SJ arena and down the bank with a couple of strides to a skinny barrel; the second was the open ditch at the back of the course towards the water.  This time the water element was reversed – jumping in down the step and out through the splash.

Finn warmed up well – really trying hard. Show Jumping felt fantastic, she had a couple of little spooks but I managed to get her concentration back on the job for a lovely clear round.  Our show jumping has really improved – much more rhythmical and I’m not chasing her to the fences. Very pleased with this…..

The XC started really well, Finn was taking me to the fences without getting too onward bound.  She jumped really well, including the first ditch out of the SJ arena, I sat up straight away and kept balanced, we got a good stride to the skinny barrel and cleared it beautifully. We jumped the corner and then up the bank to the back of the arena, we approached the ditch and I rode really positively- but she still stopped, clearing it on second attempt….. She then lept boldly into the water without hesitation and onto the skinny box.  I rode around the arena getting her back into a SJ canter for the joker – but she stopped at it, I rode her to it again and she jumped it, reluctantly, so she had a smack on the bottom on take off, she jumped well to the left and I caught my foot on the wing which made the top pole fall – meaning 16 faults at the Joker.

So, not a complete disaster.  I was really pleased with her attitude and our show jumping. Watching the video back I can see I’m sitting better and not over folding quite so much – Ibby said that the SJ looked too easy and that I ought to be jumping the next class…..  Disappointing that we have had the ditch issue again, but I don’t feel defeated about it. Have contacted Bruch Haskell via #twittereventing as he offered to help following my post on there. We will overcome this!!!

1 tyres
2 house
3 double of houses
4 skinny box
5 skinny triple brush
6 log into SJ arena
7 ditch out of SJ area drop to KBIS arena
8 skinny barrel
9 corner
10 open ditch
11 drop into water
12 skinny box
Joker – upright SJ fence with water tray