Finn home from her 8 day ‘Spa Break’

I spent the morning at Princethorpe College with Lynsey and Nash (and Ian and Henry), as spare groom and chief test caller.  When that was all over I went to collect Finn, but was not really sure if she was going to come back with me or not!  When I went to visit her on Friday I gave her a lunge in the indoor school – she was still not 100% so wasn’t sure what to expect today….

I lunged her to check soundness – Claire was observing, just to make sure I didn’t over-react to any little issue!  But she looked good (thank heavens), Claire was pleased so we bundled her into the trailer and went home.  She was happy to be back in her field and had a little canter about and a couple of bucks.  Was so nice to see her sound and happy.

I will ride carefully for the next 7-10 days: big circles and nothing too taxing, then back down to business.  I have booked us in for a bit of a ‘boot-camp’ at CMC Equines from 22-24 July; I’m taking the last 2 weeks of July off work to concentrate on getting ready for Trailblazers on 29, 30,31 July.