Lesson with Jane Peberdy; 03 March 2023

2 Key Words from this lesson:
1. Neck
2. Hindleg

  • Neck – put his neck where I want it. Outside rein establishes the consistent contact and puts him where he needs to be. Inside rein establishes suppleness and flexion. Play with both to ensure he doesn’t get fixed and can maintain focus.
  • Hindleg – I need to encourage bigger steps (“the bigger the step, the higher the mark”) NOT faster steps. Jane told me to imagine him wearing a tight miniskirt – restricting his hind leg from taking big steps; then put him into a big ‘A’ line skirt where he can take bigger steps.

We ran through the test once for Pickering Grange tomorrow (Trailblazers 1st Round Qualifier – BD Novice Test 24 (Rev 2016)), which Jane made comments on accuracy and arena craft….. Need to carry this through to the actual test with me, especially the way I ‘present’ the horse and ‘present’ the test: I do need to give myself time for my preparation – not just get it over with!!! She was challenging me to be bolder, it’s better to go for it, riding for an 8 and get a 4, than ride around ‘nicely’ for a 6 or 6.5….

Jane also talked about assessing my riding and partnership with Nash. She sent me through a couple of documents to complete (as below) which I’ll do. I also need to get down to some serious goal setting and defining short, mid and long term objectives. I did always used to do this at the start of the year, but that went by the way side for reasons unknown….. Will start some serious thinking about this. Watch this space!