Lesson with Jane Peberdy; 24 July 2023

Lesson this evening after work as a ‘tune up’ for the Summer Regionals at Bury Farm tomorrow. We worked on use of the arena and shape/size of circles (consolidating learning from the last lesson on using the 5m line to judge my circle size and shape).

In tomorrow’s test I need to ride a half 20m circle in canter, then a short diagonal changing the rein and trotting just after X. The ‘squeeze with the knees’ aid came into play again here – I learnt this previously to support and maintain balance in the G&R; but it’s also useful here to ensure he doesn’t ‘dive’ into the downward transition onto his shoulder.

We did some lateral work and looked at my warming up routine to make sure that I incorporated more suppling exercises before I present him in the arena. Remembering the uphill balance and feeling of riding him ‘up the mountain’….

I’m feeling ready for tomorrow – I know the test, Nash is feeling well, I’m feeling positive and will work on the suppling exercises to present Nash in the best way I can tomorrow… Early night tonight!