Lesson with Jane Peberdy; 27 May 2023

Key points from this lesson:
1. Playing with the lateral movements: shoulder-in; travers; starting half pass
2. Using the gears into and out of downward transitions to maintain balance and fluency, e.g. coming down the centre line and moving through the gears until he does not anticipate. A great exercise for Nash! Half halt/quarter halt and on again.
3. Centre line and halt practice

Lateral movements – into and out of shoulder in; travers. Transitioning from leg yield to shoulder in, being very deliberate with my aids and expectations.

Imagine someone standing in front of me – make sure he is ‘up’ enough so that the person cannot see the first plait – getting the feeling that I can “ride him up the mountain” from behind!

Get a copy of M75 to look at the movements pattern, shoulder in, travers, half pass. We’ll be practicing this soon!!

Jane helped me to get ready for the BD show at Newbold Verdon Equestrian Centre tomorrow, where we will be riding the P.17a (Silver) and the N.28 (Bronze). Jane coached me through the Novice 28 test. I need to be more precise with the 15m loops in this test!!