MDRC Dressage Championships 7 September 2019

Dressage Championships – two tests today – we did P1 as a warm up; P18 was the Championship test.

Nash was rather excitable assoon as he got off hte trailer today! Running backwards – which made it rather difficult to get on! Anyway – I did finally manage to get on board and he settled down after 10 minutes clowning around!

Venue:MDRC Club Field
Discipline:Dressage Championships (warm up test)
Test:Prelim 1JudgeAmanda Rawson

P1 Judge’s Comments: “Well presented, harmonious test. Now needs to develop the balance more onto the hind leg, but lots to like.”

A quick warm up for our Championship test as there was only a short break since finishing the warm up test.

Venue: MDRC Club Field
Discipline: Dressage Championships (Championship test)
Test:Prelim 18 (C)Judge Amanda Rawson
Percentage:70.96%Place:1st – Prelim Champion

P18 Judge’s Comments: “Super horse wth the potential to do a good test. Now needs to stay in more uphill balance.”

Nash did feel better and more balanced. I was very pleased with him. We finished the test and I stood him by the club house to watch the scores come in….. he behaved perfectly, such a good boy!

A couple of scores were quite close towards the end – but I was thrilled to find out that Nash had won the Championship with his 70.96%. His winners rug fitted him well and the MDRC dressage team took a photo of him wearing it for the Club facebook page.

Chris, Lynsey and the oldies came to support; Chris took some nice photos. He did not stay for the prizegiving, so the photo of Nash wearing his rug is taken from the MDRC facebook page. Thanks to the Club for accepting me late in the year!