Misterton RC Team SJ – Area 5 Solihull – 1 March 2020

Nash and I were asked to represent the club in the Show jumping at Solihull. Surprised after the cricket score we knocked up at Moreton Morrell – but the club is very friendly and I think I was making up the numbers for the bigger class…. We had a team of 4, and a very odd format – described as 3 rounds of jumping.

Round 1 was a course of jumps in the outdoor arena at 90cm. Then a short break and into the indoor for rounds 2 and 3 – which consisted of 6 jumps at 95cm and 6 jumps at 100.

So, into the 90…. Nash was very good in the warm up, and did a lovely round for 4 faults in the 90.

During the break we walked the next course, the jumps in the indoor looked very big! Don’t think I’ve jumped that big on Nash before!!

After the break, we warmed up again in the indoor ante-arena and then in for the competitive round. We had the first fence – as I rushed him into in! Then an improving round taking fence 8 as I got the stride wrong. Really pleased with Nash’s attitude – and 8 faults for rounds 2 and 3 was actually quite competitive in the end! Chris took photos of the whole team, which they were very pleased with, but no pictures indoors as the light was very bad. A good day out which we enjoyed!