Newbold Verdon EC, Novice 27, 15 January 2022

Venue:Newbold Verdon Equestrian Centre
Test:Novice 27JudgeTina Kazmi

Absolutely freezing today, and really foggy!

Nash was quite relaxed but felt ‘hot’ to the aids and was really working well. However, there were a lot of professional riders with very smart horses in the class – so – rather than get intimidated in the working in, I decided we could actually be brave as we were very unlikely to be placed anyway! Wow that certainly paid off!

Really pleased with how he worked, and I know I can ride better and more accurately (at movement 16 I made the transition to walk in the corner before C rather than after, so that earned a 5.5, where the other walk transitions in the test scored 8s). Also the scores for the Medium Trot are getting better – pleased about this as I’m feeling him start to lengthen rather than increasing speed and ‘scuttling’….

Our best score at Novice to date – even with the mistake – very proud!

Judge’s comments were:

“A harmonious pairing showing a well presented test. Now needs to maintain the fluency through the transitions. Well done”