Norton Disney – BE100 Horse Trials

Dressage Test BE102 (2010) XC Jump Pens: 0 Total Penalties:


Judge: Vikki Hayton XC Time Pens: 4.8
Dressage Mark: 36.5 XC Distance: 2135
SJ Jump Pens: 4 XC Optimum: 4:30 Placing:


SJ Time Pens: 0 XC Time Actual: 4:42

Very excited to be back at the lovely Norton Disney.  I love this event, it’s so friendly and the courses are always so well dressed with some exciting challenges.  This was our first BE100 of the season (and our second ever – after the last event of the season here in October 14). We had a great journey there – bang on 90 minutes. We walked the XC as the first job – different start from October and some changes to the course.  I was excited to have the opportunity to get the two problems from our last outing here corrected…..  The open corner at fence 5 and the skinny box after the log on the bank – the skinny box had changed to a single brightly painted barrel, but the open corner was the same.  I told Chris that I’d see how she felt over the first few fences and decide if I was going to do the corner or the alternative.  However, after Chris’s home made corner in the school at home this week, this one looked so much more inviting!

Finn worked in well for the dressage and I felt confident going into the arena.  However – it then went to pot!! As we were early(ish) (09.30) some of the judges were still arriving and as we were in the end arena this was very distracting.  The gate at the edge of the arena was swung open and the bashed shut – cars were driving in and people were shouting.  I was pretty upset as Finn was very tense – and so was I.  It was a really terrible test….  The judge even got out of her car at the end and apologised for all the disruption – she was very diplomatic in her comments: “Lovely horse, just not really paying attention to you today!  So sorry not to be able to give you the marks you deserve.”  Think that says it all really….. I honesty think that 36.5 was generous! I was pretty upset when I got back to the trailer – but Chris helped me put things into perspective and I pulled myself together for the SJ.FullSizeRender

We were bumped a couple of a time for a rider with multiple horses – we didn’t mind so walked about keeping supple.  Finn jumped a lovely round – I fiddled about too much in front of the double, as we had landed o the wrong lead from the previous jump – I should have sorted myself sooner and ridden forward – the power of hindsight! I was pleased with how Finn really tried – and was looking forward to the XC.

IMG_1427A quick change and the onto the Cross Country! My favourite starter was in action again today – the chap fron Long Bucky. We set off with a “good luck” in our ears an Finn towed me into the first few fences, my mind was made up to jump the open corner! I reminded Finn of her job by sharpening her up on the gallop down from fence 4 – set up, sat up and rode positively.  She flew it!!  She ate up the rest of the course – I really do think that the way I ride her influences her so much – I was very positive today! The steps up the the bank to the triple brush she just locked onto and sailed over – then the log on the bank to the skinny barrel….. I sat up and made sure that I didn’t over-ride – I locked onto the skinny barrel and so did Finn – perfect! Next challenge was the half coffin (box to ditch) I just rode it like any other fence and Finn sailed over.  I was so happy!!

FullSizeRender (1)

Final fence – shotgun cartridge

We completed the rest of the course foot perfect – cruising over the last fence with a big smile on our faces! We had a few time pens, but with our poor dressage and 4 faults SJ there was no point pushing it – we had a fabulous round and I even heard some of the commentary: I-Quip were mentioned and I heard a comment about a lovely jump over one of the fences and Finn getting a big pat for her efforts. So, after a disappointing start, we ended up having a great day – and drove home happy!