Norton Disney – BE100 One Day Event

Dressage Test: BE102 (2010) Judge: Vikki Hayton Dressage Mark: 36.0
SJ Jumping Penalties: 8 SJ Time Penalties: 0
XC Jumping Penalties: 40 XC Time Penalties: 15.6 XC Time: 5min 30secs
XC Distance: 2300m XC Optimum Time: 4m 51 secs Placing: 25th (last)
Total Penalties: 99.6

The very final event of the season – I enjoyed Norton Disney so much last year that I was excited to be back.  I chose this, the final event, to upgrade from BE90 to BE100.  There was mixed opinion on this – but I was determined to test our mettle!

Dressage was a little bit ‘stressy’ resulting in a 36.  the Judge’s comments were: “The marks will be there when your lovely horse is able to work more uphill with pushing confident steps”.

image4The SJ warm up was not ideal – Finn had a stop at the spread (which was quite big to be fair) but cleared it on second attempt.  I was much more committed in the ring and Finn tried really hard.  We had the two uprights leaving us with 8 faults.




Turn before fence 3


Fence 15 – Water










Fence 14 - Pinned Portable

Fence 14 – Pinned Portable


Fence 17 – Saw Bench


I really enjoyed the XC, and so did Finn – we had 2 problems on course: fence 5 – the open corner where Finn ducked out to the left; and  the B element of fence 8 (log and trunk), Finn launched over the log and I lost my reins – I then didn’t get the knitting back together quickly enough to set up for the trunk 2 strides away down the hill.  I circled and jumped it second time.

Fence 13 A & B was a roll top to a ditch – which Finn just flew!  Yahoo!!  Have we cracked the ditch phobia!?!?  I was so happy – and you can see from the photos that Finn was having a ball.  It doesn’t even look like she’s stretching!

On paper, the event was a disaster!  But I was so thrilled with how we coped with the questions – I now know that we are more than capable of competing at BE100; and able to thoroughly enjoy it!  Roll on next season……