Onley Grounds SJ – 06 August 2020 – 90 & 95

Second week of my holiday, so took advantage of entering some mid week Show Jumping. Still under COVID-19 rules. This was advertised as a training show / unaffiliated – so, on advice, I did not get dressed in my show gear (when I went to Weston Lawns last week on Wednesday, I was the only one there with white breeches, so thought I had learned from my mistake)! Well, that was awkward, everyone else was “suited and booted”, so I felt quite out of place before I even started……

Anyway walked the course, which looked quite strong but inviting. The last line was a triple combination: with a spread in to an upright, on quite a long one stride, then another (standard) one stride to an upright out – towards the gallery.

Nash warmed up well and we went into the arena for our competitive round. He was spooky to go into the arena and was very naughty at the top corner (past the gallery) where there were a few spare wings and poles stored, refusing to go past! I managed to get him past and settled, and he jumped a fair (if a little spooky) round for 8 faults. The final combination seemed to shock him a bit, there were LOTS of poles to fathom out and the distraction of heading straight to the gallery did throw him a little, consequently he was a bit green into the first element and backed off it. I rode him positively forward and he slow-mo climbed over the first, struggled with the odd distance to the second and I rode him forward to pop out nicely at the last. Proud of him keeping going as he could have quite easily said no! Chris came a long took some photos – pics of the 90 below:

About 25 mins until my time for the 95cm class. So I took Nash out onto the field beside/behind the outdoor arena and walked him around a little. I gave myself about 15 minutes to warm up for the 95, which was a bit hit and miss – I do think I need to get my warm up routine better with him to get him really listening and off the leg….. I must talk to Michael about this!

I think I over-rode the 95, feeling him a little lacklustre in the warm up, which meant it was a bit wild. Another 8 faults, but very confidently down the final triple combination! So learned from the last round which is really encouraging!

Came home and immediately entered for Vale View BSJA on Saturday. I need the practice in the ring before HICKSTEAD!!!