Phone Call with Mary King

I called Mary King this evening to discuss the lesson I won at the ESRC Chinese auction. She was lovely and sang “congratulations” to me down the phone!!  She agreed for Lynsey to come too and we have booked to go down to her place in Devon on 15 April.

She offered a range of options: go to the yard and spend the day with her helping out; have a lesson with her and spend the rest of the day at the yard; accompany her to a competition and groom for her (we did consider asking to groom for her at Kentucky, but thought better of it). Plumped for the lesson as will get most benefit from this.

I was interested in her post-competition routine; said that all we did was a leg stretch hack, then chucked them out in the field.  She said that she didn’t even bother with he stretch hack: just chucked hers out in the field!!!  This system shall be known henceforth as “doing a Mary”.

Mary will arrange stabling for us on the night before and call me nearer the time to agree times etc.

Really looking forward to it – lots happening in the next few weeks………