Pilates – Stretch & Strengthening for Riders

Discipline:  Pilates – Stretch & Strengthening for Riders

Venue:  Witney Personal Trainers, Oxford

Instructor:  Kelly Vanderboom

Duration: Three Hour Workshop

Price: £40

A good session to kick start my objective to improve my core strength and posture.  I need to think about s few key things:

  • Feel like my ears are being pulled up (like Mr Spock)
  • Focus on “opening the collar bones” rather than pulling the shoulder blades back
  • Improve pelvic stability – know neutral and strengthen it (all the time)
  • Tie a piece of string around my navel line as a reminder to use the core muscles
  • Don’t let my lower ribs flare – push the back of my ribs back
  • Strengthen my rotator cuff – using the flex-band
  • Work with the Pilates ball to help with balance and improve strength
  • Functional squats (like you’re sitting on the toilet)!! With or without the Pilates ball