Richard Baldwin Dressage Clinic – Newbold Verdon – 15 December 2020

Canter leg yield from 3/4 line to track. Once on the aids, then leg yield from the track to the centre line followed by a 10m circle with slight counter flexion. 

Trot a square,  establish the straightness both through turns and on straight lines. Then ride an early turn on long side – ensure straightness a few times, before leg yielding towards the track – but don’t do this every time as horse may start to anticipate. On open/short sides leg yield towards middle of square, again, not every time. 

Richard said that he didn’t think we were ready for canter shoulder-in just yet.  Little bits of shoulder-fore perhaps, but small angles until he’s really good at the canter leg yield exercise above.  This will build confidence, along with strength behind and flexibility.

BD National Convention, exercise from Elementary 59 test: (60m arena)

B -Trot half 20m circle right,

E – half 10m circle to X

X leg yield right to the track at K