Show Jumping: Pezinok, Grand Prix, June 2018

It’s been 12 months since our last competition, but having to moved to Pezinok a few weeks ago with the aim of ‘getting our mojo back’ and doing more, I took the decision on Tuesday to enter for the Grand Prix this weekend.

Had a practice jump on Thursday before going into Bratislava for the Queen’s Birthday Party at the Ambassador’s residence: it was evident that we were a bit rusty!! I thought I had entered the 90cm class, to get our eye back in, but we found out on Thursday night that there was no 90cm class, and we were entered in the 100cm (gulp).

Rather a novelty to have such a big competition at your home yard – but what a treat not having to get up at the crack of dawn, pack the trailer and fight to get Finn loaded…..

We got to Pezinok at around 07.30 and Finn had not disappointed, she was covered in stable stains following her bath last night!  I quickly cleaned her up and we went for breakfast in the restaurant before registering for the competition.

Finn felt really good working in; she even jumped one of the practice fences as someone was trying to alter the height (rather hair raising for them – but they should have checked no one was approaching before they started to mess about with it).  The weather was starting to warm up, so I walked Finn around the collecting ring until we were called; I was called with 5 horses to the gate – we jumped the oxer once more and went in!

She felt really good, and after Thursday’s bad dress rehearsal, I was riding much more positively!  It paid off with us meeting the jumps with a good quality, balanced canter.  I took a tight line from 4 to 5, saving valuable time – but then got a bit lost after 6b, taking a very long route to 7 and adding time penalties.  But we had a beautiful, flowing clear round, which I was thrilled about – given the fact that Finn is not really 100% fit (not to mention me), and the fact we haven’t competed in such a long time.

Chris got some great pictures to remember the day by!  Lots to work on in terms of ring craft (and memory), but I was super pleased with Finn today – and with myself too!



After our round the collecting ring was still very busy, so I took Finn for a walk around the farm to cool off.  Chris took some lovely photos with the Little Carpathians as the backdrop.