Solihull Riding Club – Combined Training, Area 5 Qualifier, Novice 24 & 85cm, 9 April 2022

Venue:Solihull Riding Club, Area 5 Qualifier
Discipline:Combined Training
Test:Novice 24 & 85 SJJudge:Sue Gudge


8 faults
Place:2nd Dressage
7th Overall
6th Team Placing

I’ve already decided I’m not jumping any more, in favour of concentrating on dressage, so this was always going to be my last jumping competition. I was standing in for another MDRC team member with an injury. Chris came with me to support today (our wedding anniversary) and helped get ready for the dressage.

Nash was great working in: very relaxed and attentive, and I even managed to get a caller so I could focus on the riding and not worry about where I was going… I was pleased with the test, except for a little stumble in the stretchy trot. Getting an 8 for the half circle to X and final halt at G was a highlight – have been really working on the square and balanced halts, resulting in a 70.43% and 2nd place after dressage.

Didn’t have long between dressage and SJ, so went straight back to the lorry park to change tack and straight back down the the big indoor to warm up and jump. I told the arena party this was our last jump, so they were rooting for us!! The other team members who had jumped earlier (75cm class) had said the time was really tight, so not to hang about!! I did rush him towards the end of the round and had 2 down – which I’m sad about – but it was a good round otherwise: rhythmical and smooth. The arena team let a out a huge cheer and round of applause as I completed, which I really appreciated for our last competitive jumping round!

Having 2 down jumping moved us from 2nd to 7th in a class of 25, with the team placing 6th overall. So all in all a good day!

Judge’s comments:

“A rhythmical test to judge, just needing a little more balance and fluency in trans to gain higher marks.”