Trailblazers 1st Round Dressage – Championship Qualifier @ Glebe Farm Equestrian Centre

Venue: Glebe Farm Equestrian Centre
Discipline: Dressage
Test: Prelim 1 Judge Heather Reeves
Percentage: 72.6% Place: 1st (Qualified)

Our first dressage comp of the year; in fact our first dressage comp since July last year!!!  Glebe Farm is about 45 minutes away from home, and a fairly straightforward run.  Chris came to support today as I was trialling the towing capabilities of the new Discovery Sport – it did a good job!

Finn was pretty wired again today, the wind was up – not nearly as bad as yesterday – but still getting under her tail and making her feel rather fresh.  She settled well and did some lovely supple work in the working in arena; then decided it was all too exciting when it came time to do our test.  She tensed up and started to hurry, so I tried to keep in mind Claire’s advice from last week and kept everything small – I did some fairly strong half halts and some mini serpentines before the bell went to start, and she did start to listen and soften again.

I was a bit disappointed with the test, she didn’t feel half as good as she did working in – but it must have looked better than it felt – we won on 72.6%.  The Judge’s comments were: “Lovely horse and rider combination, lots to like.  Accurately ridden test. Three rhythmical gaits showing suppleness.  Trot sometimes getting hurried, which reflects in your marks today.  Well ridden!”  

I was especially pleased with the comment about suppleness – which got us an 8 in the collectives – something we have been working on.  I think the EquiAmi is really helping with suppleness and balance.  I now just need to maintain the feeling I get working in, through to the actual test – then I’ll be really happy.  Chris even mucked out the trailer so things are looking up!  Our result today means that we’ve qualified for the first round of Trailblazers 2015.  A good day’s work!


Qualification Card – Trailblazers Dressage Champs 2015