Trailblazers 2013 Qualifiers (2nd Round) & 2014 Qualifiers (1st Round) – Field House E.C

Venue: Field House Equestrian Centre, Marchington, Uttoxeter
Discipline: Dressage – Trailblazers 2014 1st Round Qualifiers
Test: Prelim 13 Judge M McLoughlin
Percentage: 73.33% Place: 1st (Qualified)
Discipline: Dressage – Trailblazers 2013 2nd Round Qualifiers
Test: Prelim 14 Judge: M McLoughlin
Percentage: 67.08% Place: 3rd (Qualified)
 Arrived at Field House in plenty of time to settle Finn and warm up for the first test.  Finn travelled quietly and arrived calm and relaxed.  She warmed up really well and was listening and attentive – on the aids despite being at a new venue.

The arena was quite spooky with a gallery right up next to the edge of the arena and an open area where jumps etc. were stored.  Finn did have a look as we rode around to the Judge’s car, but then really focussed on the job in hand.

Field House 06/04/13The first test (Prelim 13) was the  Trailblazers 2014 First Round Qualifier.  The highlight of this test was the working trot 20m circle with a give and retake of the reins – we scored a 9 for this movement.  the Judge’s comments were “A super horse with really a nice active trot – think about suppleness at the poll and encourage stretching to be forward and active”. We finished in first place against some pretty intimidating competition with 73.33%.  We qualified for Trailblazers 2014 first round AND got our first ever winnings- £15 prize money!

I was feeling a bit more confident about the 2013 Qualifier test (Prelim 14).

I don’t think I warmed Finn up as well for the second test – I could have done more transitions to get her really attentive as she did get away from me a couple of times during the test – I stage managed it as best I could, but the judge spotted the  mistakes and we ended up with 67.08% and 3rd place – BUT WE QUALIFIED – YIPPEE!!!!  The Judge’s comments were: “Some really nice bits, just needs to work more consistently from behind for balance and suppleness”.  We also got another £5 prize money.  Not a bad morning’s work!